A downloadable game for Windows



A,D : movement

W: aim  up

S: duck

T: Pause Menu

Tab: Weapons

Arrow Down: Jump

Arrow Left: shoot

Gamepad supported.


a short little metroidvania style game, your goal is to collect all the powerups and defeat the boss.


CaveDweller GBJ6 15 MB


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This is great! The game play is spot on, and I love the GBA aesthetics. Please make a full game and release it on steam!

Just played through it and thought it was well built and played nicely.  Gravity felt a little strong, but that might just be personal preference.  Some guidance or notification on what items are/do would of been nice, but other then that, it's a solid effort.

Lastly, the only bug I saw was a throwing guy doing the motions, but not actually throwing anything.

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yea i finally got the Lobber bug fixed after the jam had ended(extended submissions?).

Each powerup does display its name upon collecting it. if you mean the ground pickups its just ammo and health drops.

I also adjusted the gravity too to make it more forgiving, ill be posting the new version soon :).

thanks for playing